2016 – GOLD AGAIN!

The World Benchrest Shooting Championships was held in Sydney Australia earlier this year.
These prestigious shooting championships are held every two years in one of the 35 member countries across the world.

This year in October it was the opportunity of the Aussies to show their worth and they really did their country proud. From the accommodation to the arrangements of the championships were extremely well organised. When the Sydney bushfires approached the shooting venue, all were even instructed on how to park our vehicles to be able to leave the area quickly, if needed.

The championships were held near the town Silverdale some 60 kilometres west of Sydney. In total 20 of the 34 qualifying countries attended the championships with America and Australia again represented in force with arguably the best shooters in the world.

The South African teams consisted of two teams of four shooters each. Only two shooters from the Western Province were selected, namely Kobus Visser and Jan Hemmes. Both were selected for the South African A team.

The world was stunned the first day when a South African shooter, Freddie Botha from the North West Province won the gold medal and outperformed everybody who attended. The second day was won by an American, and the third day was again won by a South African, this time Jan Hemmes. The fifth day it was Kobus’ turn and he won two gold medals, one for the day and one for shooting the smallest group over the distance of 200 metres.

The first four days of the championships is a team competition and the fifth day of the championships an individual competition. The American A team won gold in the overall team competition with the South African A team coming second and the Australian A team third. This was a great achievement as no South African team has ever come close to winning a medal in the team competitions. This time it was silver for them.

The individual competition on the fifth day was fiercely competitive and Kobus was fortunate enough to won the two gold medals on the day.
The four team members of the South African A team won in total sixteen medals, three Gold, eight Silver and five Bronze medals.

Quite an achievement…!!!