IBS Nationals 2011

IBS Nationals 2011

I went over to Michigan, USA on 21st July 2011 to take parting the IBS Nationals in Holton USA. There were about 110 shooters with me the only foreigner.

It started on the Monday with the 100m unlimited class and Tuesday the 200m unlimited class. These were railguns and a first for me to see these things in action. Awesome if they work; a disaster if they don’t. Ten shots in less than 10 seconds. No time to look through the scope. If one of your platform feet slips into a dent on the bench you will know it only after the 10th shot. Group sizes (10 shot) at 100y in the low teens and around 0.5 at 200y. This is the machine you want to really learn some wind shooting.

Wednesday we shot Sporter 100. I was lucky to get the trophy for the small group of 0.089 thou. I and Bill Gammon shot the same and both got a trophy. That happened after Chris Harris and Gene Bukys got hold of my rifle and set the trigger properly. They then gave me a crash course in rifle setup and tuning which seemed to work with VV133. I managed 13th place in the Sporter 200y with an aggr of 0.2594 and 16th in the Sporter Grand with an aggr of 0.260.

Thursday we shot both 100y LV and 100y HV. Made stupid mistakes and ended middle of the pack.

On Friday and Saturday we shot 200y of Sporter, LV and HV. I managed a 5th place in the HV 200y with an aggr of 0.2176 and 15th in the HV Grand with an aggr of 0.2366.

This was the best shooting experience of my life. The shooting took place over 7 days included the practice day. I was surrounded by arguably the best shooters in the world and that takes you to another level.

The Super Shoot is something special but this is something totally different. It is all about yardages. Gene Bukys won the 4-gun but did not get any Hall-of-Fame points for that. You win a yardage and you get your points.

The nationals is only about the competition and it is hard work to shoot up to 12 groups a day.

Results and photos.


Keep well.

Kobus Visser